Known eRecording Service Disruptions Due to COVID-19

As the coronavirus continues to have a global impact, CSC is taking strict precautions to keep our employees and communities as safe as possible, while actively monitoring the situation for our customers. We know that we must be prepared to conduct business in the face of any type of challenge. We are staying in contact with state and county officials regarding the status of their offices and potential alternative arrangements to conduct business. Many counties are accepting documents for eRecording during this time; however, we have also received notice from counties that are unable to process any type of documents, paper or electronic.

Please visit this link for critical updates regarding counties that are offline at this time. 

For more in depth jurisdiction updates, we encourage you to view the comprehensive notes being compiled by our industry partners at ALTA.

We will make every effort to keep you informed of county notifications as they become available. Please do not hesitate to contact the CSC eRecording team at 866-652-0111 or with any questions, and thank you for your business and partnership as we work together during this challenging period.

County Updates: