If we haven’t done so already, our team will contact you to arrange a convenient date and time for an online or in-person meeting to discuss ways to optimize your new eRecording capabilities.

In the interim, CSC can help you increase the volume of your electronic recordings in several ways. Seven of the top 10 document submitters eRecord with us, and we will notify them that your office now accepts electronic submissions.

We can also work with your existing submitters to electronically record their documents. But to do this, we need your help.

Tell us who your submitters are.

Simply provide CSC with a spreadsheet containing your submitters’ contact information and we will contact them and promote your new eRecording capabilities. The ideal spreadsheet will be in Microsoft Excel format and will contain the following data:

  • Submitter company name
  • Submitter contact first name
  • Submitter contact last name
  • Submitter contact phone number
  • Submitter contact email address
  • Submitter company city
  • Submitter company state

You can share this information with us at any time by contacting our Support team.

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